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Year 5 visit to St. Mary’s - Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

As part of our RE&WV unit ‘What does it mean if Christians believe God to be loving and holy?’, the Year 5 children took part in a carousel of events led by the members of the parish at our church.  The activity stations included: 

  • History of the beautiful stained-glass windows and the  200-year old organ (with time to have a go!),  
  • The day as a vicar, the different types of vestments (robes) worn, and the process of becoming a vicar, 
  • Cremation and burial, and a tour of the church yard, examining the War graves  
  • Significance and history of the church’s pulpit and the Baptismal font, and  
  • A quiz on the historical facts of St. Mary and the church.