Over the summer holidays, some of you have been quizzing on books you have been reading. We are delighted that we also have two new millionaires!

Congratulations to Chloe M (Ocelot Class) on achieving your Double Millionaire. Well done Chloe and good luck at secondary school. Also, Daniel K (Red Panda Class) has also become a Millionaire. Excellent Daniel. Will you be our first millionaire in the new school year…..

The following children have been quizzing and will be receiving their certificates when we return to school.

Giraffe Class:

Chloe B Ready Reader 5

Faith S Rising Reader 4

Ocelot Class:

Chloe M Classic Reader 6/Double Millionaire

Penguin Class

Georgie E Independent Reader

Tiffany W Super Reader 2

Polar Bear Class

Lillian B Rising Reader

Isla-Mae G Ready Reader 4 & 5

Briony R Ready Reader 5

Red Panda Class

Daniel K Advanced Reader 3/Millionaire

Simon V Independent Reader