At Kingskerswell C of E Primary School we know that children learn best when they are happy and settled. At our school we are using the Thrive approach to help us develop all our children’s emotional and social well-being. Thrive helps us to check children’s readiness to learn, to identify any gaps and then plan to meet them. In this way we make sure all our children have what they need ready to make the best progress in their learning.
We use a program called Thrive-Online to assess and develop action plans for individual children if needed. The Thrive-Online program includes dozens of different strategies to help children and young people have the experiences they need to develop emotional literacy and to manage their feelings and behaviour appropriately. It also supports the development of essential learning qualities like motivation, concentration, attention, enjoyment, engagement and the emotional and social skills that are so important for a successful life.

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 7 – week one
Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 11 – week one

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