Allows children to understand how art, craft and design both shape and influence our culture and society.

Art, craft and design    Our Vision

At Kingskerswell we aspire that all pupils learn new skills, gain knowledge and make high- quality progress in Art, craft and design through cross – curricular  topic planning.  We want our pupils to be inspired by art. To have opportunities to explore, experiment, invent and create their own original works of art, craft and design through a wide range of mediums and techniques. To have opportunities to discuss and reflect on creative works.

Pupils will learn:

To produce creative work by exploring their ideas and recording their experiences through our cross-curricular topic planning .  For example in Foundation Stage, for the topic ‘Bears’, pupils will paint, draw, collage and print bears. They will also create pictures of different environments and seasons from the Bear Hunt story such as brown, oozy mud and snowy pictures.

To become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other techniques. To improve their mastery of art, craft and design techniques. For example in Year 1/2 for the topic ‘Toys’, pupils will do observational drawings of old and new toys. In Year 3/4, in the topic ‘Who were the greatest builders in the world?’, pupils will draw Celtic designs and patterns in their sketch books and use them to review and revisit ideas.

To be able to evaluate and analyse creative works using appropriate language.

To gain knowledge and understanding about great artists, craft  makers, architects and designers and to know their historical and cultural significance. One example being In Year 3/4, for the above topic, pupils will look at the work of contemporary architects. Another example, in Year 5/6, pupils will be introduced to how people and battles have been recorded by artists to celebrate victory and show ‘reality’ in their topic ‘Castles’ and will evaluate and analyse them.