TC106 FLYER for Schools to send out Edited
At Kingskerswell C of E Primary School we promote health in its widest sense; attending to the personal, social and physical development of pupils. We believe that children will only achieve their full learning potential if they are in the right emotional state to learn. Therefore it is vital that we understand how best to support children as they grow up by encouraging them to achieve higher long-term educational goals. It is essential too that we pay attention to the role of emotions in learning and to the link between emotions and behaviours which can, in turn, either promote or inhibit learning.
The Thrive approach draws upon the latest findings from neuroscience, attachment theory, child development and research into the role of creativity and play in developing emotional resilience. This tried and tested approach helps parents and staff in schools understand children’s behaviour and know what can be done differently to re-engage children, build self-esteem and adapt behaviours.

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