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Delicious meals prepared by our Catering Manager Mrs Baker

One of our children  has an extremely severe– life threatening- allergy to nuts. The allergy is so severe that she could have a reaction to airborne nut vapour; this means that if I eat nuts and then speak to her, she could die.

In order to ensure that we can keep her safe, our school will need to become an entirely nut-free environment. This means that all staff and children must avoid bringing anything into school which has nuts, or even traces of nuts, in it. It also means that we should try to avoid eating anything containing nuts for breakfast.

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Next Thursday, 17th January, is Census Day. We would really appreciate it if as many KS2 children could have a school dinner on this day as it helps with our school funding.

If you have already ordered a meal for this day you will have to reorder from the new menu below.

Jan 19 Census Day
Deli Bar Served no date

If you have any queries please contact the school office on 01803 873398

Years 3 to 6 (inc) Price list calculator.

1 £2.30
2 £4.60
3 £6.90
4 £9.20

5 £11.50
6 £13.80
7 £16.10
8 £18.40
9 £20.70
10 £23.00
11 £25.30
12 £27.60
13 £29.90
14 £32.20
15 £34.50
16 £36.80
17 £39.10
18 £41.40
19 £43.70

20 £46.00